Ordinary People… Extraordinary Love


Inspirational Author

Third Strand of the Cord

She prayed for a fairy godmother and got a… karate instructor?

Hard-working single mom Caroline Jameson wonders why her son is so unruly. Weren’t children with Down syndrome supposed to be cuddly and compliant? Her ex says the boy belongs in an institution. Caroline will do anything to prove him wrong, even sign her son up for karate classes with a know-it-all instructor.

Lee Marivaux is an expert at reading people. He knows his feisty new student will thrive with firm guidance – and he’s right. He pegs the boy’s mother as a clueless socialite who loafs at the country club – and he’s never been so wrong.

It’s a battle of wills and misperceptions – until Caroline’s abusive ex shows up, demanding custody. Can Lee and Caroline join forces to keep the boy safe? And in a town called Liberty, will love give them the freedom to braid themselves into a strong new family?


“It was a refreshing look at two broken people trying to understand who they are together and falling in love with each other in the process, and it carried with it a bit more of the realism I continue to advocate for in Christian fiction that better balances guarding our hearts and minds and being honest about who we are as people both before and after we continue to discover our freedom in Christ.”

Nancy Kimball

author of Chasing the Lion