The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection

A Song in the Night by Amanda Dykes30838277

“Seems to me your wings were made to fly. Your heart was made to beat. The air about you was made to carry you. You will not be the same as before, and ye need not be… but ye can fly, and fly ye must,” she said. “Ye fly, sure and true, for that is what you were made to do. Ye need never forget your friend, but neither must the life ye shared disappear.

The Swelling Sea by Joanne Bischof

“Are you ready to be all right with that?” he asked. “To let the past be the past and, if God wills it to return to you in whole, to face it with a heart of courage? And in the meantime, to rest in knowing that there are many who love you and who are here to walk with you through any storm that may come.”

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  1. Catherine, thank you so much for the honor of sharing these words. It touches my heart to much that they touched yours. Thank you for this kindness!

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